Voicemail “Quick Reference”

Press the following 702-431-1200 x 3 or 4 digit extensions (EXT)



Work Order Previously Called In (385)*

Appliance/Electrical Repair (381)

Plumbing/AC/Heating Repair  (382)

Other Repair (383)*

Lease Renewal  (391)

Move-out Questions  (392)

Tenant Charge (401)

5 Day Notice (402)

Violation (403)

Rent Due Date (6050)

After Hours Emergency (4357)

Prospective Renter:

List of Available Properties (5885)

Application Status (376)*


Invoice Questions (312)*

Property Manager (313)*

Monthly Statement Questions (206)*

Home Warranty (411)

New Account:

Management Packet (8888)

*Available during Business Hours only

Helpful Hints:

Remember the following buttons to navigate our Voicemail System

* button= Company directory (you must know the  person first or last name)

# button= Repeat

9  button= Go back to Main Menu

6 button= Bypass voicemail greeting and go to record zone

Extension # of Property Manager, press anytime.


Business hours Monday through Friday 9am – 5pm

(Closed for lunch, 12:30-1:00)